Services – Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine and Ayurvedic Services

At Heritage Acupuncture, your practitioner will design treatments from the wide array of healing tools available in Traditional Chinese Medicine and other modalities. Below are descriptions of the types of appointments and techniques used.

Chinese Medicine First Visit

: This hour-long initial consultation includes an extensive interview, during which you will discuss your health concerns, history and symptoms. The consultation includes an acupuncture treatment and may incorporate other techniques described below. $115 (1 hour); for child under 12, $85.

Follow-up treatment

: For individual patients after they have received an initial consultation. Time is primarily devoted to treatment using various modalities.
$90 (1 hour); for child under 12, $65.

FREE 15-minute consultation

: A great way to discuss your health concerns and see how Chinese medicine can improve both your day-to-day health and long-term longevity.

Herbal Consultation

: Patients are welcome to receive an herbal consultation as a stand-alone treatment. Chinese herbal medicine is a sophisticated and highly effective therapy that treats an expansive list of conditions. Herbal purchase not included with consultation. This service is available after one Chinese Medical Consultation. $40 (15 minutes).

We carry only herbs that undergo strict testing and quality control. To learn more about our suppliers, see: and

Kati Basti:

An Ayurvedic treatment to relieve pain of the back, neck and knees. Warm, medicated oil is applied to the area following a spot massage. The healing oil helps to fortify blood, lubricate joints, reduce inflammation and repair connective tissue. May be added to an acupuncture session. Please reserve this service 24 hours in advance. 40-minute treatment of one area, $60. Add-on to Acupuncture treatment, $40.


: The application of warm, medicated oil to the sinus passages. This treatment begins with massage to the neck and face, focusing on the sinus areas. Next, steam inhalation is directed toward the face to open sinuses and loosen congestion. Then medicated oil is gently introduced into sinuses, followed by more massage to enhance absorption. Nasya also helps to relieve headaches and neck pain and improves the condition of the eyes. $40 (30 minutes).

Below are some of the techniques that may be part of your healing experience at Heritage Acupuncture:


: The use of sterile, disposable, hair-thin needles that allow the body to naturally and gently relieve pain and correct health imbalances. Many patients feel deeply relaxed during treatment.


: Needles are attached to a battery-powered device sending a mild micro-current to acupuncture points. This technique is frequently used for pain relief.

Gua Sha

: This technique involves cutaneous stimulation with a round-edged instrument. Gua Sha helps to improve circulation and to relieve chronic pain, stiffness and chest congestion.


: The burning of prepared mugwort leaves, which are held over specific acupuncture points or areas of the body to promote warmth, circulation and general vitality.


: The application of suction cups, typically used on the upper back, to relieve muscle tension, clear chest congestion and expel pathogens.

Chinese Nutritional Evaluation

: Your individual symptoms and general health are taken into consideration to devise customized dietary recommendations for the alleviation of symptoms and enhancement of general health.

Functional Medicine

: The analysis of detailed, specialized tests to evaluate general health and organ function and to identify food allergies, autoimmune disorders, intestinal health and many more conditions. The recommendation of nutritional supplements and appropriate diet based on the results of functional testing.

Postural Evaluation

: A look at the alignment of your major joints, along with the position of the spine, pelvis and other observations to understand the root cause of pain.

Customized Stretching

: Recommendations based on the results of your postural evaluation.