Delicious Gluten-Free Naan Recipe

Going gluten-free (GF) has a lot of advantages. Whether you want to lose weight, gain energy or avoid aggravating a food allergy, there’s no denying the profound results of a gluten-free diet.

But, in terms of your palette – which doesn’t always make health top priority — there’s always one wheat-based food that lingers in your subconscious, that’s not quite the same as its wheatless equivalent.

No torture intended here, but maybe it’s the warm chocolate croissant that tugs at your tastebuds. Perhaps it’s the tender ravioli that brings back wistful memories (and a little salivation). For me, it’s the memory of naan or Indian bread that feels almost like deprivation. Warm, buttery naan that I use to scoop up a mouthful of rich, flavorful curry.

I ambitiously planned to whip up some GF naan, but the recipes seemed too complicated. I lost heart and decided I could live without naan. This decision seemed sad, but necessary. I had managed to nudge naan out of my mind until one fine day I stumbled upon, a blog chock-full of recipes, many of them Indian and all of them paleo. Now that isn’t easy to find, is it? Among these recipes is one for a 3-ingredient paleo naan. This simple recipe whips up in a few minutes, and while it doesn’t taste exactly like wheat-based naan, it’s soft, fluffy and absolutely delicious!

This paleo naan could definitely be used to scoop up some curry, but also would be good with soups or even as a sweet crepe stuffed with jam or stewed fruit. I love it slathered with ghee, or clarified butter. So, another hole in the GF diet is officially filled. Thanks Ashley! Check out Ashley’s blog and the 3-ingredient recipe for paleo naan here:

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