Happy Holidays from Heritage Acupuncture!


Wishing You a Happy Holiday Season!

We’d like to take this time to thank each and every one of you for making 2016 a great year at Heritage Acupuncture. It’s an honor to be on your health and wellness team! In China, the New Year is celebrated by starting fresh. Traditionally, the Chinese clean the house, get a haircut, buy new clothes and paint a fresh coat on their front doors. “Lucky money” gifts are exchanged in special red envelopes. Others may decorate their houses with red and gold banners, symbolizing good luck and prosperity. We all know good health is not only a matter of good luck — and maybe genetics — but also reflects commitment of practitioner and patient. At Heritage Acupuncture, we are absolutely committed to the art and science of Traditional Chinese Medicine. We thank you for being part of our lifelong learning experience and hope you reap ample rewards! 
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