Juicy, healthy persimmons

persimmons Looking for a seasonal winter fruit? Persimmons, in season from October through February, have a solid place at the table of Chinese dietary therapy.

Known as “shi zi,” this brilliant orange fruit has been used traditionally to clear heat, supplement fluids and nourish the lungs. Thirst-quenching persimmons benefit the complexion, especially for those with hyperpigmentation.

The jelly-like pulp of the persimmon fruit also is considered helpful to maintain arterial health by reducing clots and lowering blood pressure. As they’re a cold-natured fruit, persimmons are best for those who run warm.

In Western nutrition terms, the fiber-rich persimmon contains a healthy dose of Vitamins A, C and B6, along with manganese and potassium.

Although there are many varieties, fuyu persimmons are the most plentiful on the market. To enjoy the winter persimmon bounty, peel, slice and remove any remaining seeds before eating.

Photo credit: Kanko by Flickr

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