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Rain or Shine: How the Weather Affects Your Health

If you live in North or South Carolina, you know the recent weather has been influencing our lives in a major way. In Chinese Medicine terms, weather has a strong effect on our physiology as well. Whether it’s a passing … Continue reading

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Considering Acupuncture? Read these Myths and Myth-Busters

    Acupuncture has recently received a lot of attention as an excellent alternative to prescription painkillers, especially with the Veteran Administration’s successful use of Chinese medicine to combat dependence on opioid drugs. Is acupuncture right for you? Even though preventative … Continue reading

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Deskercise: Stretching on the Job

Do you have a desk job? Do you experience back, neck or wrist pain? Prolonged sitting can be hazardous to your health, but our latest newsletter describes how postural adjustments and simple stretches can help you stay productive and avoid … Continue reading

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